In a scientific study of The Talking Page English Linguistics conducted by Patrick L. Traynor, Ph.D., researcher for What Works Clearinghouse of the United States Department of Education, concluded

“The Talking Page English Linguistics Program was associated with significant gains on the linguistics based pre-test/post-test measure for the English learners that completed the program.  A small correlation was found between minutes spent on the program and pre-test/post-test gains.  This correlation was significant at the 90% level of confidence.”


Significant Results and improvements shown from:

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  • Fukien Secondary School, North Point, Hong Kong
  • City College Youth, Singapore
  • North View Primary School, Singapore
  • Chinese Nationals, Chinese Church Singapore
  • Intellectually Disabled Children &Youth, JAMS Church Singapore

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By completing the TalkingPage program, students will have learnt the following:

  • How to form all the letters of the English alphabet
  • How to say and write the 110 sounds of letters or combination of letters heard in English speech
  • How to spell English words from the dictation
  • How to read serveral hundred English words with the same spelling patterns