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The TalkingPageTM App encapsulates through technology, the process of ‘Seeing’, ‘Hearing’, ‘Saying’ and ‘Writing’ 70 SONOgrams that describe the working set of 26 letters and 44 phonemes that are needed to write English speech on paper.

In his 2000 address to United States Congress, Dr. Reid Lyon, former Chief of Child Development at NICHD, noted, “The average student needs between four and fourteen exposures to a new letter, letters, or words to automatize the recognition in the brain.”

Using the TalkingPageTM App , by seeing then listening to each SONO audio lesson, hearing the pronunciation of it, saying it twice, and then writing it four times, allows for nine exposures and connections in the brain of a particular letter, letter combination, or word.



Welcome to The TalkingPageTM App, your passage to mastering the Sonogram sound!

To be effective, we recommend to learn no more than 3  SONOgram letters a day, and no more than 10  SONOgram letters a week.


There are 70 SONOgrams in the TalkingPageTM App, organized into 4 Levels of Lessons
Each Level consists of neurologically arranged Sonogram letters.

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You will start with Pre-test to test your knowledge of the Sonograms you are about to learn.

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Each Sonogram lesson consists of:

“Hear & Say” intro img3

“See” intro img4

“Write”intro img5

You will accumulate stars intro img10as you write, and the more you practice, the more starsintro img10 you will get.



Revision will re-enforce the Sonograms you have learned.

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Test your knowledge of what you have learned.

post test


Spelling will introduce English words made up from Sonograms you have learned.